Secure your data for safer transmission

Tooyoo is a secure digital platform that stores all the important information your loved ones will need if something happens to you.

Centralise and secure your data

Our simple, structured questionnaire will help you lay out your final wishes, which you can define and modify at any time. This opens up a direct channel of communication with your trusted loved ones, guiding them step by step through the administrative and organisational procedures following your death.

Your personal area has the following information:

  • Will and information about your estate
  • Contracts and insurance policies
  • Organ donation and medical information
  • Advance directives and lasting power of attorney
  • Important online accounts and passwords
  • Information about your movable assets and real property
  • Last wishes and funeral preferences
  • And much more…

What can you do with tooyoo?

  • Advance directives

    1. Advance directives

    Does your family know your position on the artificial prolongation of life or organ donation? Do you know your family's position on these matters?

    tooyoo offers to securely record all emergency medical information and share it with your designated loved ones.

  • Management of digital assets

    2. Management of digital assets

    What will happen to your online accounts, social-media accounts and e-portfolios if you are no longer there? Do you have access to your family's computers, smartphones and online accounts if you have to manage their affairs after death?

    Tooyoo can record all this information for you and transmit it to the selected persons once proof of death is obtained. Confidentiality is guaranteed while preparing the digital inheritance. This avoids having phantom accounts, which could then be misused for identity theft.

  • Funeral arrangements

    3. Funeral arrangements

    Do you know whether your loved ones want a cremation or a burial? Have you communicated your wishes to your loved ones?

    By defining final wishes, not only will they be respected, but family members will be supported in the decisions they have to make at a difficult time, emotionally speaking. Having final wishes also avoids family quarrels.

  • Handling the paperwork

    4. Handling the paperwork

    Subscriptions, property leases, insurance policies of all kinds, bank accounts... Have you ever wondered how many contracts must be terminated after someone passes away?

    If these are contracts are saved under, relatives will then receive an interactive checklist that generates automatic termination letters accompanied by the death certificate. Imagine the time saved and the peace of mind.

  • Estate planning

    5. Estate planning

    What does estate planning involve and what information is required?

    tooyoo helps you to transmit important information to your loved ones at the right time, e.g. your chosen notary, your will, the named executor and division of estate. With tooyoo, you can be sure you have thought of everything and made no mistakes. We will also help you input all this data.